Certificate Program

If you use credit/debit cards when you shop, please read on and find out how you can help provide COS with additional income to help during difficult economic times.


Here is how the program works.  When you use a credit/debit card at a grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, etc… there is a percentage of your purchase that the credit/debit card company receives. When you use “gift cards” purchased through the parish, COS receives 1% to 3% (depending on the card) from each purchase.  It may not seem like a great amount, but just think of the possibilities if every household used gift cards on a regular basis!


Cards may be purchased after any of the weekend Masses atSaint AnnChurchor through the rectory Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Below is a list of cards regularly available.  Additional gift cards can be ordered using this form:  gift_card_order_form.  All orders must be prepaid.  Orders are generally placed on Mondays and available for pick up  by the following weekend.
Grocery Store Cards:  Dave’s, Giant Eagle, Heinen’s and Zagara’s

Gas Stations: BP, Marathon, Shell, andSpeedway

Miscellaneous:  CVS, Panera, Starbucks, Walgreens, and Walmart


Everyone buys groceries and gasoline!  And chances are you find yourself in the other above mentioned stores frequently.  Isn’t it great to know that every time you make a purchase you could be helping Communion of Saints Parish meet its expenses?


In order to keep this great fundraiser going and growing, we need volunteers to sell cards after the weekend Masses.  This is an easy way to help.  Just let us know which Mass you usually attend and we can schedule you to sell cards after that Mass.  It would mean only fifteen or twenty minutes of your time and you would be making a contribution to the fundraising efforts of COS.  To be put on the schedule, just call the rectory at Ext. 10 and speak with  Ms. Jeanne Burrige