Help Wanted: NEW Couple Ministers

On September 29, 2017 | by COS Parish | in Announcements

Couple Ministers are married couples in good standing in the Church who can give a positive and helpful witness to the sacrament of marriage, and thus contribute to the marriage preparation process of engaged couples.  Through the priest’s recommendation, the engaged couple meets with a particular Couple Minister couple approximately two to three times, in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home to discuss the lived realities of married life.  Essentially, it’s an opportunity to witness to the Sacrament of marriage as you’ve lived and experienced it, to share your stories—the good and bad—and to offer wisdom and insight.  Couple Ministers offer an individualized, complementary, and real-life perspective to the theological and spiritual concepts discussed in meetings with the priests.  Communion of Saints is currently seeking new married couples who feel capable of assisting in this crucial ministry.  If that’s you, please contact Fr. Patrick Schultz by calling 216-321-0024 or by emailing (  Thank you!