Frassati: Theology on Tap | Heights

Theology on Tap | Heights

Every FIRST Wednesday of the month, young adults in their 20’s and 30’s are invited to gather at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights (12387 Cedar Road, Cleveland 44106) at 7PM to hear an engaging speaker reflect on some aspect of the faith while enjoying a pint and some tasty food! Each night kicks off with a social, which includes complementary appetizers and a cash bar, followed by a speaker. Admission is only $5. Our next speaker on Wednesday, February 7th will be Ms. Ashley Brashear, a brilliant and dynamic high school theology teacher, and on-fire disciple for the Lord.  Ideas have consequences; bad ideas reap bad consequences.  One of those ideas that marked a seismic shift in history was the French philosopher René Descartes’ idea, famously quoted in Philosophy 101 classes: Cogito Ergo Sum, “I think, therefore, I am!”  This one idea has had an incredible butterfly effect, touching just about everything in modern society.  Come here Ms. Brashear’s talk: “Cogito Ergo Sum – The Far-Reaching Consequences of Descartes’ Bad Idea.”  Theology on Tap is a great way for young adults, college students, and newly married couples to go deeper in their faith and connect with other young Catholics in the area. For more information, please contact Fr. Patrick Schultz (216) 321-0024 |