Young women and men participate in two years of preparation prior to being Confirmed in 8th Grade. This preparation takes place through the Communion of Saints Breakthrough Program.

All parents of Confirmandi must complete the following Saint and Sponsor Form by April 10th, and all sponsors must request a letter of good standing from their parish to be sent to Communion of Saints Parish. All letters must be received by 4/19, and can be sent to:
Communion of Saints Parish
C/O Dc. Alex Clark
2175 Coventry Rd
Cleveland Heights, Oh 44118

We have developed a plan to provide religious formation to parishioners in our parish PSR, Confirmation and First Communion programs. It is important that you register as soon as possible for these program.
Follow the link below for information that is necessary for candidates and families as to how these programs will be conduct now and for the remainder of the year.
This information is also available on the parish website or by contacting the parish office.

Adults who wish to be Confirmed should contact the Parish Office to inquire about the proper preparation.