PageTurners: While we are separated physically from each other due to the Coronavirus, we are still able to keep in touch with Zoom Meetings online. Join us each month by contacting Jane Harris to be added to the Zoom meetings at or by 216-932-5006 if you don’t have online capabilities, because you can still participate.

July 21, 7pm: Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots  by Deborah Feldman  Deborah Feldman relates a fascinating story of her personal journey from a captive existence with one ultra extreme segment of Judaism to a freer existence without the severe restraints.  One realizes that religion is a small part of an ultra Orthodox upbringing. It includes isolation, prejudice, prescribed views and control issues.

August 18 – Murder in the Cultural Gardens by Dan Hanson “There’s been a murder in the Cultural Gardens.” So begins the mystery set in the beautiful (and real) one-of-a-kind Cleveland Cultural Gardens. Three young friends trying to establish their business become involved while working in their beloved Cultural Gardens. Many people seem to benefit from the murders and the three secretly work with the police to try and solve the murders. The plan is dangerous. Will it pay off for the modern Mod Squad or will there be another tragedy?